Healthy For You, LLC. was started by an organic farmer, an organic rancher and an organic inspector.  We saw the need in the marketplace for a website that provides consumers with a selection of products that are certified organic.  We are a multi-vendor marketplace. 

For you the consumer, it means that you may be ordering directly from a farmer (CSA) to receive fresh vegetables delivered to your door, or fresh meats directly from the farm.  You may be purchasing certified organic products directly from the manufacturers or you may be purchasing certified organic products from other retailers, all through our website as a one-stop shop. 

Over the last twenty years, the organic industry has grown from a boutique market to mainstream.  Organic products now account for slightly under 10% of the overall food market in the US.  

Each product you purchase as certified organic, has been annually inspected and has passed the requirements set forth by the USDA. 

We are an organic community.

 We are bringing together an online organic community.  A community of farmers and ranchers along with manufacturers committed to organic production.  A place where consumers can shop, information is posted, producers can exchange ideas and where, if you want answers about organics, we can help you find those answers.  We won’t have all the answers, no one does, but we have years of experience in the organic industry.  You will find resources scattered throughout this site.  Resources for the consumers and for the vendors.    We try to bring you the information direct from the source so you can read it yourself with no one giving you their interpretation.   There is a lot of information on this site.  Explore, enjoy.

Notices will be posted on the front page and throughout the site for resources as they are added.  You may also sign up for our newsletter:  HFY-Type Lice. We won’t spam you, you’ll be lucky if you see a copy every month, but it will be electronic only, have articles and blogs by and about the industry and include controversial info from the world of organics.