Healthy For You is a multi-vendor marketplace.  What that means for you is that you will find more organic products in one place and only those products that meet the USDA NOP (National Organic Program) guidelines.  Rather a unique venue. 

While we encourage our vendors to provide free shipping, that may not be the case with all, so we have free shipping on all orders over $99.  Also, our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes have shipping included so the price you pay is the price you see.  Each vendor has their own statement on their home page about shipping, handling and returns.  Some items may note in the description that it has free shipping.  Based on the Vendor, some may use USPS, UPS or Fed Ex.  This will be determined by the vendor and their location/accessibility to shipping services.   When you order, please provide a mailing address along with a shipping address.   We can ship to your work so your packages don’t sit on the front step, that is up to you.


If you need to consider a refund or return, that means you purchased from us.  Thank You for the purchase and how can we make it right?

  1.  You need to notify us ( there is a problem with your order and complete a return request, photos are great to show the problem.  We will notify the Vendor and start the process.  Returns are handled directly through the Vendor.  You may receive a label with your package that has all the return information on it (if needed).  Please understand, there are many Vendor’s on our site that are small and specialized, they may not have the sophistication and finesse that you have come to expect from the big online retailers.  Be patient, our Vendor’s will take care of you.  They wouldn’t be in organics if they did not want to help others with healthy food and safe products.
  • You may cancel an order anytime prior to shipment.
  •  If we shipped the wrong item, or it is damaged, we will get it picked up and ship you a new one.  No charge to you.  That is the policy our Vendors agree to.  
  • If it is fresh or frozen perishable items.  Our fresh/frozen deliveries ship on Monday or Tuesday ONLY, getting to you by Wednesday thru Friday.  If it is a perishable item and can’t be shipped within this time frame, it won’t be shipped.  This ensures that you will receive your fresh items before the weekend and they will not be hanging out somewhere waiting for delivery. 

  • If it is a food item and has been opened, it is not returnable.  If it is fresh produce, photos of the quality when opened go a long way in determining who was at fault.  Sometimes the delivery services mess up and it sits somewhere too long.  Packages are insured to cover the cost of the contents, if the fresh or perishable items are moldy or thawed, we and our Vendors will take care of you.
  • Refunds are issued upon return. 
  • Most Vendors provide all their info with the order.  Feel free to contact them directly if  you wish but please let us know about any issues at