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The Label and the Seal-What does it all mean?
PDF: Labeling Organic Products

Farmer’s Markets-Are they really organic?
Just the facts-
PDF: Organic Labeling at Farmer’s Markets

Everything you ever (never) wanted (needed) to know about your organic label.
Sometimes the guidelines even confuse the certification agencies. But, here is the long of it.
PDF: Organic Labeling Regulations

Think you might want to farm organically-get your info here:
Best farms in the world are organic. Conventional producers that have converted to organic production report earthworms are back within four years. Earth has more tilth and life.
PDF: Guide for Organic Crop Producers

Can GMO’s be used in Organic Production?
Never have, never will. Organic means you are safe from genetically engineered food.
PDF: Can GMO’s be Used

So your land is organic, now what about the livestock?
Organic livestock production is much simpler than most people think, and in very high demand.
PDF: Organic Livestock Requirements.

And if you are really into organics and want to make your own products, here is the info you will need.
PDF: Organic Production and Handling Standards

Any further questions, the website you want to visit is:
This is the THE website for all organic info.